The Hosts

Jen Van-Cauter

 Jen likes to act her shoe size at all times and is a world class giggler representing her country to bronze medal standard. A renound cheese rustler, Jen will also survive on sweeties. Jen has been hanging around The Cat for just over a year now and has become quite institutionalised, but not domesticated. Jen doesnt like the toilet at the Cat as she keeps getting shut in.

Andy Farmer

Andy is an old man in disguise. He is generally found manning the desk, where his favourite trick is to forget stop markers. Andy is an ice cream fiend (especially honeycomb). Andy occasionally hears voices during songs (though these are usually a parrot saying hello).

Peter Shillito (aka Maybe Peter)

Peter is an unusual creature. Small cute and furry, he was found behind the vacuum cleaner in the cupboard under Jen's stairs. She made the mistake of feeding him, and he scuttled off to Wolverhampton. A well trained thing, he occasionally comes back. Peter favours helium fuelled music, and has a passion for glowsticks.

Definitely Peter

Definitely Peter arrived in the studio not long after Maybe Peter left for university. Almost indistinguishable from the original, but Definitely Peter eats less sweeties, and is less confused.