The Late Night Lock-In was a concept first thunk up in late 2010 by Jen and Andy when they had clearly had too much caffeine. Of course we can stay up til 1am talking nonsense they cheerfully cried, and ran straight to Mr Radio Station Programme Scheduler, who, once he'd stopped laughing and picked himself up off the floor, stuck them in the cupboard and ran away. And thus the Late Night Lock-In was born. They did one show together and decided that they needed a third member in the team to ensure Jen stayed on her own side of the desk, and didn't freak Andy out too much, so Jen went rummaging through her cupboards and found something small and furry that squeaked a lot. And so Peter joined the team.

The rest is history.

They have been doing the show ever since fuelled purely by sugar and caffeine, and have had some fantastic, fantastic, fantastic guests along the way.

Intrigued? So are we! You can hear (and see via the power of wemcamoodle) The Late night Lock-In every Saturday night on The Cat a radio station based in unsuspecting Nantwich in Cheshire.

Plese note, to fully enjoy the full lock-in experience please ensure you have a plentiful supply of sugar based jelly products, a little bit of chocolate, and assorted energy drinkage.


What people say about us....

"Listening to your show, you are all a bit bonkers...nice to hear you all having a laugh :)" - Gill Bebb